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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions will apply to all services supplied by Dogs@Home Ltd. (The Company)

Dogs@Home Ltd is a registered company in the UK under company number 11374586. Our registered office is The Old Byre, Castledyke West, Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire. DN18 5AW.

1. All Clients/owners, be new or returning, must book through Dogs@Home Ltd and not directly with the carer. Both the carer and Client/owner must know that the insurance will be null and void and the carers guidelines will be breached. The mandatory local authority licence will be cancelled and the carer will be operating illegally.

2. The booking fee is non-refundable but one transferable booking will be accepted at a cost of £10.00 administration fee, if cancelled within a minimum of 20 days prior to the dogs arrival date and in accordance with, our Terms & Conditions and the availability of a carer.

3. All dogs must be used to living within a home and its environment, be fully house trained and must not territorially mark.

4. You are aware that not all dogs are suitable for home boarding

5. Once the booking fee and registration form are received the booking will be confirmed. The booking fee and registration form is due within 7 days of the registration/booking form being sent to the client/owner.

6. The Client/owner must provide accurate and up to date information to all the booking form and to all fields.

7. Any breed of dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will not be boarded through Dogs@Home Ltd. The four breeds of dogs banned in the UK currently (August 2018) are Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero This applies also to any part bred dog with any of the listed dogs in its makeup

8. Dog hybrids under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976 e.g. wolf hybrids, will not be home boarded by Dogs@Home Ltd.

9. The carers fee is due to the carer the day the dog arrives with the carer for the start of their holidays. If the fee is not received the carer has the right to refuse to home board the dog. Cash preferred.

10. All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and be treated against worms and fleas. Proof of vaccination can be emailed to Dogs@Home Ltd or be shown to the carer prior to the stay preferably at the Meet & Greet. The dogs’ registration forms will be endorsed once proof has been received.

11. Arrival and departure times should be agreed with the carer prior to the start of the dogs’ holiday.

12. The Clients/owners Emergency Contact must be aware of their role and be available throughout the duration of the dogs’ holiday.

13. The Client/owner or your nominated Contact is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees incurred.

14. The Client/owner is responsible for reimbursing any costs incurred to the carer for any damage caused to the carers home or possessions by the dog

15. If the dog escapes from the premises (assuming no negligence is shown by the carer) any liability for the dogs’ action remains the responsibility of the Client/owner

16. Carers will ensure high standard of care is delivered throughout the stay but Dogs@Home Ltd.,or their carers cannot be held liable for death, injury or loss unless negligence is proven.

17. Clients/owners agree to inform Dogs@Home Ltd., of any changes to their dogs ‘details prior to any stay.

18. If a carer has their own family dog permission from the Client/owner to home board their dog together with the family dog is required. Both dogs should be introduced on the Meet and Greet prior to the guest dogs’ arrival for their holiday.

19. If the carer has a family cat both carer and Client/owner must agree that the dog can share the carers home with a cat.

20. If the dog is collected before the pre-arranged departure date a refund will not be made.

21. If a carer is unable to continue to home board a dog owing to the dogs’ illness or behaviour, Dogs@Home Ltd will endeavour to find another carer were possible and inform either the Client/owner or the Emergency Contact of change of circumstances. If Dogs@Home Ltd are unable to find another carer and the Emergency Contact is unable to home the dog we will work with suitable kennels or veterinary facilities to accommodate the dog. The Client/owner will be responsible for accommodation and transport fees.

22. The Emergency Contact will be asked to remove the dog if it demonstrates any form of aggression during its stay. There will be no refund of home boarding fees.

23. Clients/owners of unspayed bitches must inform Dogs@Home Ltd ASAP if they believe the bitch will be in season through their stay, many carers chose not to care for bitches in season, those who do require a £3.00 per day premium.

24. Entire dogs will be accepted only with carers who do not have a family dog.

25. Dogs must wear a collar with the Clients/owners contact details on. During their stay with our carers they will have one of our Identity Tags attached to their collar.

26. The client/owner provides the food, bedding, medication (if required), bowls, toys, bedding, collars, leads etc and any other equipment required to care for the dog, in good condition.

27. If the dog requires grooming during its stay this must be discussed at the Meet & Greet and if agreed by the carer the relevant grooming tools must be provided.

28. The dog must arrive to the carer in a clean and groomed condition.

29. If through personal circumstances the carer is unable to continue caring for the dog, Dogs@Home Ltd will endeavour to home the dog with another carer in the area but if this not possible the dog will be homed with a carer outside of the home area or alternatively with the Emergency Contact. If the Emergency contact becomes the carer both booking fee and carers fee for the dates will be refunded to the Client/owner.

30. If after seven days of the scheduled departure the dog is still with the carer and neither the Client/owner or the Emergency Contact can be contacted, the dog will be placed in a re-homing shelter.

31. The administration of medication to the dog must be fully discussed with the carer prior to the dogs arrival. If the medication has been prescribed since the submission of the booking/registration form, a detailed account needs to be handed to and discussed with the carer, the carer will record the instructions on the dogs registration/booking form and a medication log will be maintained throughout the dogs stay.

32. The Emergency Contact or Client/owner will be contacted in an emergency and if necessary the Emergency Contact is expected to make any decisions with regard to the dog. If the owner or Emergency Contact cannot be contacted Dogs@Home Ltd., working with the veterinary surgeon reserves the rights to act on the owners behalf.

33. Insuring your dog is highly recommended but not a requirement for booking your dogs stay through Dogs@Home Ltd however, if your dog is insured, the cover information would be helpful, please record details on the registration/booking form.

34. Our carers are covered by our £5,000,000 (five million Great British Pounds) public liability insurance. Our cover does not cover vet fees for illness.

35. The Information and data will be collected and managed by Dogs@Home Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and be GDPR compliant

I have read, understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions including the role of the Emergency Contact. I also understand and accept the veterinary surgeons authority when critical decisions have to be made.

By booking with Dogs@Home Ltd you agree with our terms and conditions.